Who we are

Circus House is a home for creative partners who share the same values. We know the skills of the publishing trade, but we do things our way and fly flags for what we believe in. 

What we do

Books and media are our main occupation and we have big plans for the future. Through our products, practices and profits, we aspire to do no harm and benefit all.


How we work

Business as a force for good
We will shine a spotlight on issues that affect young people and develop imaginative ideas to contribute to solutions in an environmentally friendly way.

Good beginnings
Books become part of the story of a child’s life. At Circus House we take this responsibility to heart and are committed to diversity, equality and inclusivity.

The whole child
We aim to encourage intellectual, emotional, social, physical, creative and spiritual growth in every individual. We will not divide content or aspirations by gender.

Narrative art
The journey of a story should reveal truth, spark curiosity and invite transformation. We want to share stories that create wonder, delight, empowerment and open minds.

Big concepts
By talking about big concepts in an age appropriate way, we will promote progress in areas such as health and well-being, equality, critical thinking and media literacy.

Our publishing will be typically organised into brands that start with printed books and extend into digital, audio, visual media and products.

Transparent and sustainable supply
We print locally, use good inks and certified paper, and distribute with green packaging. Full information about the origin of an item will always be supplied with the product.

We look forward to creating a community with like-minded people as we examine, discuss and celebrate the best of contemporary childhood, growing up and parenting.