Mind Hug


Books and media aiming to build foundations for good mental health from an early age.  


A universal need

How can we give children the tools they need for mental resilience? Why not start early with our efforts? The Mind Hug book and media range is being created in response to these questions. Our universal approach is intended to help develop well-being in all children. Let's try to prevent mental health problems growing in young minds and be part of the solution if they do.


The power of story

Good stories are arguably the most valuable way to communicate ideas and provide gentle learning. We are working with creative writers and artists to make fresh, imaginative and absorbing stories to introduce important concepts in a fun way. These stories will be at the core of our publishing programme. 


Multiple formats

Key concepts from Mind Hug stories will be extended into activity and guide books, as well as audio content. The mix of print and digital resources is for families, teachers and mental health service professionals.

Expert guidance

Behind the Mind Hug brand is our brain trust – a network of specialist consultants from different areas of the mental health field. Nothing is published without the guidance and approval of qualified professionals.