Awards for Mind Hug


Best Children's Book 5+ 2017

Best Picture Book 2017


The story

Jack is feeling fizzy. He is chasing every thought! Soon he is tired, grumpy and feeling flat. Time for a HUG. But it’s not a normal squeeze Jack needs – it’s a Mind Hug – and it starts with one big breath.... When Sarah has some mixed-up feelings, Jack tells her about the Mind Hug to see if it might help. Sarah tries her own Mind Hug and has an idea to make it even better.

This story introduces children to universal mindfulness in a gentle and open way. It's a journey that explores self-soothing, emotional regulation and empathy.




The book

270 mm H x 225 mm W

40 pages
Carbon Balanced Paper with the World Land Trust
Printed in the UK by Barnwell Print Ltd

ISBN 978-0-9957106-0-3
Written by Emily Arber, Illustrated by Vanessa Lovegrove
Part of the Mind Hug range
Supporting children's mental health charity Place2Be


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Bonus guide


Moments in the story are easy to link with mindfulness exercises if you wish to. Our free introductory guide has tips for how to help children become aware of their breath, ideas for breathing games and playful mindful moments, and includes story-themed activities to print.


The spread of mindfulness among children could do for Britain’s mental health what fluoride did for its teeth.
— Willem Kuyken




Dr Sarah Temple
GP with a special interest in neurodevelopment, emotional and mental health. Founder of EHCAP.


Dr Janet Rose
Teacher, trainer and co-author of Health and Wellbeing in Early Childhood. Co-founder of Emotion Coaching UK. Head of Norland College.


Sarah Gibbs
BABCP psychotherapist and founder of Smart CBT.